Vienna—the City if Music, Study Abroad

You might be like many others who find listening to music very relaxing. You know that turning the tunes on helps calm your nerves, makes stress disappear, pumps up your energy level up to times ten during an exercise, and brings back precious memories of your past. Then one day while listening delightfully to Justin Moore’s newest CD Off the Beaten Path’s single “Point At You,” a sudden thought came in, as if it’s pointing in a direction of pursuing to further study music. Why not study Music?

viennaWhether you want to study classical, jazz, country or pop you would never go wrong studying music in the land of many legendary musical composers. From Mozart and Haydn, Beethoven to Brahms, Schoenberg and Mahler —Vienna still sustains an inconceivable richness of musical culture up until this age. The famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Staatsoper and the Musikverein are just a few examples of the many leading institutes that help make Vienna a genuine “city of music”—and for people to make it the perfect place for engaging a study of Music History and Performance.

Just imagine Vienna will be your classroom, and the fascination it will give you for visiting some of the city’s famous concert halls. You will attend some rehearsals of a major ensemble you idolize, or visiting the houses of famous icons of musical history such as Beethoven and Mozart. You are welcome to study abroad! Wherever possible, the courses you’ll take seize advantage of the city’s artistic, cultural and historical sites and consists hands-on practical components.

As an organization in union with the Vienna European Society & Culture Program, the IES or (Institute for the International Education of Students) Abroad Vienna Music Program is perfect for students who take either minor or major in Music, they offers you opportunities to involve yourself in a wide selection of courses focusing on European Culture and Society, and Music.

Select your courses from English/German-taught choices in the following subjects:

  • German Language
  • Electives (includes all courses offered through European Society & Culture Program)
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Performance Studies

If you are interested about IES Abroad visit here:

Pursuing a Fashion Career by Enrolling in Paris Schools

fashion2Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world. It is in this place where great fashion designers originate. Owning a bag, pair of shoes and dresses that come from Paris is a great pride in itself. For this reason, many people aspiring for a fashion career are going all the way to Paris to attend schools in fashion design.

Cost of education

The common thought that crosses the mind when one learns that someone is studying in Paris is that that person must be wealthy to be able to afford education in Europe. This is generally true since going abroad to study entails a lot of expenses that include tuition fees, board and other school and living expenses. It does not mean however that if you do not have enough resources, you cannot fulfill your dream. If you can find a friend or relative who resides in this place and is willing to take you in, it will be of great help. You can also seek scholarships and grants to finance your schooling.


If you have real talent in fashion design, availing of scholarships and financial support is easier. Try to establish connections with top fashion designers. Write them and request for assistance. These people are already successful in their fields and for all you know, they also have a story of their own regarding their struggles when they first embarked in their career. Also, you can take talent tests in various schools and hopefully you will be granted with tuition fee cuts if you pass.


Since Paris is not your hometown, you may find yourself traveling back and forth periodically to visit your family or to attend to things back home. You must realize however that life is not all work. So if you have the chance, try to unwind by watching shows. Avail of Daniel Tosh Tickets 2015 by visiting the website or calling the promoter’s hotline.

Pursuing your dream

Do not be afraid to pursue your dream despite limitations and setbacks. The only way to attain your dream is to keep on trying and reaching for it. It is not bad to dream big. Believe you are a Pierre Cardin in the making. Nothing is impossible.

How Writers Deal with Stress

writersMost people have this common misconception that hardworking people are boring that they don’t care about having fun at all. It seems like work and home are the only places they are familiar with. They sound weird for most people because of their typical look, which includes a pair of thick glasses. Writers are just like ordinary people who sometimes need a break from work especially that they always work in a very quiet place to gain focus. We cannot determine their personality based on the things they write because in writing, being able to adapt and relate to a certain topic is a required skill.

  • Movies. Writers love watching almost all genres of movies. Exposing themselves to different life scenarios is a good thing because it gives them better ideas on how to relate themselves with what they are about to write. Love stories, thrillers, cartoons, sci-fi movies, and other types of movies will always come handy for them.
  • Music. Music is one of a writer’s most common interests. Actually, there are some popular writers who cannot write without any music on their background. It is like their mood-setter and the melody helps their minds generate the ideas they need for writing stuff.
  • Concerts. Attending a writer’s favorite artist’s concert is one way of showing support for their music. Imagine Dragons Live concert is just one example of concert tours some writers love to attend. Attending concerts give them the break they so desire to enrich the soul and energize the body with the experience.
  • Hanging out. It can be hanging out alone or with some friends. The most popular places to hang out these days are the coffee shops where short orders and different types of beverages are being served. Some writers go to coffee shops because they find the place relaxing and cozy which is the right environment in doing writing tasks. For some odd reason, this type of atmosphere looks very appealing for people who want to have some peace and quiet in a public place. The aroma of coffee may also be of a big help that stimulates the mind and body.

Professional and amateur writers may sometimes be called “nerds” because of their very serious image. What people don’t know is that they are just like ordinary people who only do their job in the most comfortable way possible. They can also be stressed at times and doing stuff to relieve their stress is also necessary to make them feel better.

Music Content Writers and the Importance of their Passion

Being a professional writer is not a very easy job. You need to be intellectual, you should never run out of original ideas, you need to be very attentive to details, and you need to be responsible. Passion for writing is very important for some writers because it makes them feel like they are not working for a living. There is this saying that if you do not love what you’re doing, you may get tired easily. That is actually true when it comes to writing.

songwritingTo be able to write effective articles and contents, a writer should be in a quiet place to gain focus. Long hours of writing may sometimes be boring and one of the most effective ways to release boredom is listen to music. It can be done anywhere and it is actually for free which makes it perfect for everyone.

Writing articles about music does not only require the ability to write. A good writer should also have interest about music. This is one way to relate with what is actually going on in the music industry. Psychologists say that every genre of music may lead to an accurate personality prediction of a person. Here are some:

  • Rap and Hip-hop. Artists who perform this type of music are Snoopdog, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and many more. Because of the genre’s upbeat and hyped type of music, psychologists say that a person who loves this genre are most likely outgoing and has a high self-esteem.
  • Pop. People who listen to this genre also have a high self-esteem but psychologists say that these people are more uneasy and less creative. Few examples of pop artists are Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Rhianna, and Selena Gomez.
  • Country. People who listen to country music are known to be hardworking and conventional. A lot of country music lovers enjoyed listening to Blake Shelton’s songs by checking the Blake Shelton Tour Schedule 2015.
  • Classical. Classical music lovers are known to be very appreciative with the things surrounding them. They feel comfortable anywhere they go and they also have a high self-esteem.
  • Rock. People who love rock and heavy metal may look aggressive but psychologists say that they are more likely to be very gentle and are suffering from a very low self-esteem.

Remnants of the Past: Must Visit Historical Places

geghard_monasteryAs highly cognizable, Europe is among the 7 continents of the world. Composed of Eurasia’s westernmost peninsula, primarily, this continent is branched from Asia. In the north, Europe is rimmed by the Arctic Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean in the north. Based on its surface area, Europe has the second smallest continent. There are approximately 50 nations in this continent and by far, Russia is the largest.

For those who are fascinated with the beauty and diversity of Europe and its history, below are the best European historical places to visit. People will certainly appreciate Europe’s remnants of the past…

1. Cave Monastery of Geghard

Geghard is deemed as among the finest cave monastery in the beautiful Armenia. It is situated deep in a canyon and its aesthetic appearance truly complements the surrounding cliffs. Supposedly, Geghard cave monastery has been established in the 4th century; however the invaders left nothing during that time.

The 2 cave churches, as well as vestibules that the people of Armenia preserve today came from the 13th century. There is a 10 m passage on top of the main entrance which leads to the churches. This passage is geared towards a cave chapel that boasts incredible acoustics. This chapel was fully carved from the mountain.

The name of this impeccable monastery, Geghardvank, which means “The Monastery of the Spear”, originated from the event when Christ was wounded by a spear while he was on the cross. As a matter of fact, the spear that is believed that hit Christ was kept in this place.

2. Amberd Ruin and Vahramashen Church

The fortress of Amberd lies on the sterling slopes of the magnificent Mount Aragats, while the Vahramashen Church is located a bit right on the brink of the gorge. The Amberd fortress was the remnant of the 7th century while the Vahramashen Church dates back from the 11th century.

The meaning of the name Amberd is “the fortress in the clouds.” This provides a hint that there are times that it can become cloudy in this location, knowing that it is 2,160 m high from volcano Aragats’ foot. European history enthusiasts can explore the fortress and the trails that can be found will lead to another impeccable view which is a landscape that is covered with wildflower.

3. The Garni Temple

This magnificent temple dates back from the 1st century A.D and it is made for Helios, the Roman God of the Sun. During the 9th century, there was a church that was established at the crowded sites that are situated at the brink of the cliff. However, in the year 1679, an earthquake strike and knocked the historical temple down, leaving it as how it looks today. In the year 1970, the temple was fully reconstructed.

4. Haghartsin Monastery

This European historical location is also another novelty of Armenia. This monastery was excellently hidden in the forest. Same with the other historical monasteries in Armenia, the Haghartsin Monastery also dates back from the 13th century. The sad thing is that this Armenian monastery is under serious restoration, which is financed by Sheik of Sharjah from UAE.

Because of this restoration, it gradually loses its ancient charm, turning to gleaming renovated splendour. If the Armenian people will be asked, they would certainly choose the ancient aesthetic beauty of the monastery.

5. Former Empires

The home of this European historical landmark is Azerbaijan and this is the former residence of the kings or as called by the locals, Khans. This Azerbaijan crowning glory is considered as among the most treasured historical architecture. The astonishing Palace of Sheki Khans is located on a small yet fortified hill, proximal to the center of the town. Within its grounds are properly preserved Albanian churches.

Despite of the fact that there are hefty numbers of hotels, European history lovers would certainly prefer to stay in Caravansary Hotel, an 18th century hotel. Even though it is simple compared to other hotels, staying in this hotel is an absolute bargain, knowing that this structure can transport the visitors back to the time it was built. This is indeed apriceless experience.

6. Dubrovnik

Croatia also has its fair share of European historical landmarks and among the most interesting ones is Dubrovnik. This is a quintessential iatric medieval walled city. The maritime trading in this historical location was rich during the Middle Ages, since there was a great rivalry between Venice and Ragusa’s city-state. However, during the 1990’s, specifically during the realm of the Yugoslavian War, it was stopped for about 7 months and it was badly damaged by the attacks. As of today, Dubrovnik regained its majestic charm. To top things up, Dubrovnik is bordered with sexy beaches that are accentuated by fine sand and peddles and crystal-clear water.

7. Fortress Suomenlinna

This Finish historical treasure is located just off Helsinki’s coast. It was established in the year 1748 by the people of Sweden to safeguard the Helsingfors, which means Swedish for Helsinki, from the Russian invaders. However, in 1808, the Russian captured it, along with the entire Finland, until the country regained its independence in 1917. At present, there are still people who live in Suomenlinna. It is also among the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These are just icings on the cake and Europe has amore historical sites to boast. Those who are bedazzled with the historical remnants, they should not miss the chance to visit Europe. Same with Asia, Europe is rich in historical events. The history of Europe is indeed interesting since it is bounded by a variety of cultures.

It has an extraordinary history, as well as intricate cultural set-up that have been established for several centuries to yield a diverse continent that people know today. More and more young people who go to Europe and one of their primary reasons for doing so is that they want to study the historical background of this great continent.

Preparing Yourself for an Overseas Internship Program

The internship program is an integral part of every student who wants to get a degree. In most universities, students who have not completed this program won’t be able to get a certificate of completion. Internships can take place in many forms. There are office-based internships where students work in an actual office and feel like they are a part of the industry already. They may be paid or unpaid for their job. Another type of internship is university-based. Through this, the students are expected to conduct a research with a partner university, local or overseas, within a given period of time.

If you are planning to conduct a university-based internship, then make the most out of it by going overseas. There are a lot of universities especially in Europe that accept foreign students to conduct the internship there. The student will be under the supervision of a top European professor whose field of specialization is the same with that of the student.

4941ec932021c1628a9c475027475b9ca6a97a7eApplying for the program

If you are really interested to give it a try, the first step is to apply for the program. You can course it through your current university as they might have partner universities for you to choose from. You can also contact a university of your choice directly. However, you need to prove your worth by having a good grade to show and other credentials.

Preparing for the trip

Once you have been accepted, the next step is to prepare yourself. It is advised that you don’t bring a lot of stuff so you can take back important items home such as souvenirs and books. A military duffle bag is also highly recommended to be used. This will ensure that you don’t waste your efforts carrying different huge bags. This type of bag is more than enough to contain all the items you need for the program. The most important thing is that you are physically and mentally prepared for the challenge. The bag is just a bonus since it can organize everything that you need to survive a few months of stay in another country. Good luck!

Top 5 Study Destinations in Europe Worth Considering

During the last decades, businesses have started to make globalization a part of their strategy. Computers today are not manufactured in one plant instead each component of a computer is manufactured in plants in different parts of the world. This strategy did not only affect the business sector, but the education sector as well.

Learning foreign languages and studying about intercultural differences have started to be part of the learning trend to be competitive in the working environment.  In the same way, unfinished furniture has started to be a competitive piece of furniture. The best way to gain these skills is to study in a local university with an international environment or study abroad.

Studying in Europe

Most people thinking of studying abroad always look at Harvard University or Stanford in the US. Europe offers as many study opportunities as the US. Europe as a study destination is worth looking into:

  • World Class Education. Many universities in Europe rank amongst the top 100 universities in the world as classified by the Times Higher Education Supplement. Top European universities offer state-of-the-art facilities and numerous research opportunities complemented with decades of tradition of higher education.
  • Value for Money Education. Most universities in Europe, especially those located in continental Europe, receive huge government subsidies. Make a quick search of any known university in Europe and you will be surprised to discover that it is relatively cheap. There is even a possibility that your choice offers free education. It is a common fact that universities in Europe provide more affordable education that those in the US, but with almost the same educational quality.
  • Diverse Culture. Studying in London offers the experience to learn different languages, traditions and cultures. These are beneficial for both your personal and professional development.

European Study Destinations

The whole of Europe offers varied educational opportunities. However, most foreign students concentrate on some parts of Europe.

  1. United Kingdom. The UK is host to almost 10% of students opting for a foreign education. This huge number of foreign students in the UK can be traced to the importance given to English-speaking study destinations because English is the language of globalization.
  2. Not only is Germany the biggest economy in Europe, it is also well known for its first class education especially in the field of engineering.
  3. France hosts 7% of worldwide foreign students. French education is highly competitive. A lot of countries have French as their major or second language. Since French is the main medium of instruction in France, this study destination has proven to be a preferred choice. Some universities, though have educational programs in English.
  4. Russian Federation. 3.5% of foreign students study in Russia to experience its long tradition of high quality education. This, despite the fact that most universities use the Russian language and foreign students need to learn the language.
  5. Foreign students in Spain are lesser than in the UK and US. There are a lot of Spanish speaking countries though, so the language barrier does not pose much of a problem. Besides, a lot of foreign students want to speak Spanish proficiently as it is considered one of the most popular languages in the world after English, Hindi and Chinese.

Of the 100 top universities in the world listed by the Times Higher Education Supplement, universities in Continental Europe and the UK rank second and third respectively.

Students Abroad Waits for Bruno Mars

Bruno-Mars-2012Getting the dream job you longed for all your life is tough. Employers from top companies make education as one of their requirements. That’s why studying abroad became an option for some students. Renowned experts from around the world are beneficial to you and to the career you’re aiming to have. It’s a good addition to your resume as well.

Graduate study abroad has a lot of advantages. It provides opportunity to experience other countries’ culture too. Students usually pursue a master’s degree in a foreign institution because of the knowledge University professors offer. They are able to acquire new skills while exploring the feel of unique culture. It’s a new way to build strong connections and relationships among colleagues from around the world.

Only one thing remains the same when you’re living in other countries. Music binds everyone together. UK has always been the number one venue for world tours of some famous singers. If you’re a fan of Bruno Mars, you can check Bruno Mars tour dates.

Independence is another advantage of studying in a foreign country, you definitely have to live on your own. Taking care of yourself and scheduling your own affairs is important. You can discover new cultures and spend your holidays memorably. Country-hopping during free time is an opportunity to travel around the vicinity. By doing this, you will not be stuck to studying inside the University  even on weekends holidays.

Countries in the field of study is classified in their field of specialization. If you’re into infrastructures, Germany are offering the best course there is in the field of advance engineering and technology. Arts and designs are what Australian Universities has stored for you. Stepping up your career in education is not a problem if you choose UK Universities to take on your Masters Degree.

Putting foreign schools in your resume is absolutely an advantage to get that career you’ve been dying to have. You can impress future employers. Basically it’s something you can casually share during interviews. But what’s more impressive is that you’ve proven to your potential employer that you’re independent and can take care of things alone. It also proves that you can fit in different environments because you are resourceful and motivated.

Keeping the Earth Alive: Keeping the Water Clean


Water is the most basic need of all living things on Earth, humans are composed of 70% water thus there is a need to replenish the human body every now and then. They say that you can survive 5 days without food but cannot survive without water for that same amount of time. That is why there is a need to include in legislation the need for clean and potable water. Everyone on Earth has a right to access clean water without discrimination. While in most countries citizens would scoff at having to put up laws on this, there are poor countries who cannot afford to provide potable water to their citizens.

According to reports, access to water is one of the most violated rights of human beings. This means that there is a large part of our population that does not have a source of water within a one-kilometre radius. Most of the preventable diseases that cause both children and adults to die are water-borne diseases that could have been avoided if the family have a clean water to drink. Having a dwindling supply of water would mean that the wealthy will have most of the access of these waters and in turn sell them for a profit. Buying water would alienate a huge part of population since there is no way to purchase clean water for lack of resources.

The United Nations decided to act and put up an International Law to be adapted by the countries on clean water. One example is the Clean Water Act of the United States of America which strives to promote the protection of streams, and wetlands, the primary source of drinking water for the country. They have developed numbers of policies and guidelines for companies, homes, and waste management industries to follow in order to keep these bodies of water clean. There are regions, however, that still need water companies like atlanta water company and the likes for their clean water supply. This is still an ongoing battle between private companies and home owners with the government and other sympathetic organizations to keep their water clean and provide a potable water for all.

Why Outdoor Toilets are Becoming a Fad


Outdoor toilet is not a famous concept around states or countries that have problems with space or privacy. But if you have a wide backyard, a little budget, then you will find that outdoor toilets can be useful to you. It saves a lot of money in terms of materials needed as opposed to toilets inside the homes, and it can be part of your effort to save water and save the planet.

With outdoor toilets, you will not use water to flush your liquid excrements; this will be built in a way using a simple bucket, sawdust and the likes. You do not have to use water; you can sprinkle the bucket with cheap sawdust. Water is a valuable commodity nowadays, so why not use scrap sawdust that others just throw away.

Secure your location and make sure you have a sizable yard. Allocate just a little over 5 square feet for your toilet. Make a shed-like room for your toilet with scrap or cheap timbers, do not forget to drill or create a hole. Use a 5-gallon bucket, it is like using a cat sand box, fill it with sawdust or sand then slide it under the shed directly under the hole. Prepare another 5-gallon bucket with a scoop and fill it with sawdust to sprinkle over after use. Now, this might not be a good idea for some but it actually works, just like how sand box for cats work. The sawdust prevent the smell from coming out and it can be replaced anytime you want.

But if you are the queasy type and do not want this kind of toilet, you can always install water-sealed toilets. The dynamics is just like the toilets inside the home. Another pro for this is that if you have a picnic outside you do not have to be hurrying back to your home if you need to use it. Just make sure to consult the web or nearest hardware for your needs like the suitable septic tank, septic tank price, and other materials so that you will know if you are doing or using the right things.

Social Work: Two Different Worlds


Seeking to improve the quality of life in a community or an individual is a field studied by social workers. It is both an academic and professional endeavour that utilizes different methods such as research, direct charity-based model, community organizing, education or knowledge provision, and intervention in times of crises. These methods are used especially for those who are vulnerable such as those in need of single mother help, the persons with disabilities, affected by conflict, in poverty, and victims of social injustices brought about by the gap between the rich and the poor, corrupt government, and lack of access to basic services. All over the world, the practice of social work varies from the situation of one country to another.

In Denmark where only 4-8% of their total population is living in poverty, they use the welfare system where in they are protected through the provision of health care, free education, and other forms of social protection. The country of Denmark supports social work, even the private organizations sometimes gets their fund from the country funds. They do not only provide basic needs but also give counselling, and case management to complement those previous material efforts given.

But it is a different story for a country like Philippines with most of the people suffering from different levels of poverty. Poverty in first world countries is different from countries like the Philippines. Being middle class in the Philippines means you can barely or cannot afford to buy your own car, being in poverty means that going to college is a very hard decision for you and your parents, being in extreme poverty means you do not have a home, live in the streets, have never been to school, and is neglected by the government. Government spending in the Philippines means paying its debts worth billions, funding the ongoing war in the South, or being spent by officials for their families and themselves. Social work in the Philippines is both an effort done by the government and non-profit organizations. The country has a department which focuses mainly on social work and community development and one of the famous efforts is the CCT or conditional cash transfer which relies on giving the people an amount of money.

Both models presented here are charity models which can do little for the development of an individual. We need a better and more sustainable model through empowerment. It is hard work but it pays off in the long term.

Running is for Everyone


Millions of people around the globe aspire to take up running as a form of exercise but we tend to create myriad of excuses in order to forego this activity. Starting to run is quite difficult for some, it is not as easy as it looks and may cause injuries and other kinds of pain. In order to be a successful runner, there are different tips on how to run, maintain balance and maximize your energy.

Do Not Use Toes or Heels in Landing

The common mistake of a first-time runner is to use either the toes or heels in landing not knowing that both these methods could cause injury and premature tiredness. Using your toes might cause shin pain or early fatigue while using your heel wastes energy and causes injury due to the fact that you are unknowingly braking. Landing on the middle part of your foot is the correct way then roll towards your toes.

Doing the Pose

Notice that runners have a certain pose during running where their hands are almost 90 degrees in angle and are almost brushing their hips. This is to relieve yourself of unnecessary tension on your arms and shoulders and that your arms will not easily get tired during the run.

Go Straight

Make sure that the direction your feet are pointing to is the direction where you are going to avoid injuries. It is not advisable to point your feet at an angle other than the straight one.

Go Straight – Part Two

Check your body’s posture all the time; avoid leaning forward or backward during the run because this leads to back pain. Poke your chest out, maintain shoulders below the ear, and keep your head up.

Do not be the Ball

Avoid bouncing all over the place like a ball because it wastes energy. Just take light steps as if treading on a fragile glass to feel less pressure on the legs.

Do Not Give Up

Do not give up especially if you have not started yet. If you think you cannot run because of being flat-footed. You can always look for shoes for flat feet and take it slow until you are confident to run greater miles. Always be confident of yourself and do not let anything stop you from running and moving forward.