4 Reasons Why You Need a Dog When Studying Abroad

Dog_wearing_shadesStudying abroad is a difficult situation to be in. Even if it is a perfect opportunity for you to have advanced education, you can’t remove the fact that you will be away from your family. When you are staying alone in your apartment while being pressured to perform well in your studies, it could be very stressful. This is why you need a companion with you, a dog! This article will discuss some reasons why a dog as your companion while you’re studying would be a great advantage.

  • Dogs help reduce stress. According to the Journal of Workplace Health Management, it is great having a dog around. They help you feel less stressed out. They are great companions and you can talk to them about how you feel. When friends or family are not around to help you out, it is great if at least there is someone who is physically there for you.
  • Dogs help you stay in shape. When you study hard, you might forget about working out or going to the gym. However, when you have dogs, you have no choice but to walk them to the park or outside your house. By then, you exercise as well. There are also dog marathons or walk for a cause that you can join to help you and your dog stay healthy.
  • Dogs allow you to stay sociable. When you are so devoted in your studies, you might end up not joining groups or clubs. However, when you have a dog, you will most likely mingle with other dog owners. Thus, in one way or the other, you gain new friends.
  • Dogs help students get through the examinations. When exams are approaching, you will definitely feel stressed. You will end up panicking or cramming. However, according to studies, when you have a dog to cuddle with, you feel more relaxed. Instead of thinking about the exams, you will feel more calm and optimistic about the results.

In short, dogs are important to help you get through your life as an overseas student. Thus, you can give back to your dog by choosing only from the top 10 best dog foods. You have nothing to worry since the best dog food for the price you can afford is available.

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