Alternative Plans When You Can’t Live Your Overseas Study Dreams in Europe

There are plenty of universities found across Europe each with their own identity and specialty. You can choose from the long list of schools there depending on the field of expertise you are interested in. Most of the time, students choose to go to European universities because of its mesmerizing buildings and the unique atmosphere.

However, not everyone can come to Europe because of the huge expenses. Fear not, because there are some alternative places you can go to that have this European vibe like Adelaide. It is a beautiful and quaint costal city in South Australia. It boasts of its unique colonial vibe thanks to the number of European inspired buildings, streets and village. It is well known for its large green parks, museums, and libraries where locals and visitors can visit any time. There are also a lot of globally acclaimed wineries that you can go to especially in the areas near Clare and Barossa Valley.

Studying in Adelaide

woman-hand-desk-officeInternational post-grad and undergrad students can choose from four large universities. These are University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Torrens University, and Flinders University. Students can choose from a wide array of courses in the field of engineering, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, education, law, humanities, social work and social science. If you are interested to apply in any of the four universities mentioned above, make sure to check the required documents and submit then within the deadline to avoid any problems. The requirements may differ across these four universities, so don’t forget to double check the details.

Settling in Adelaide

Like in Europe, Adelaide has a lot of places where international students can live in because of the considerably affordable accommodation. With the large number of international students in this part of Australia, it is fairly easy to find a community where you can easily fit it. There are a number of places you can live near the universities. Most of these places are also situated near the heart of the city so you can easily go to bars, shops and parkland during your free time. Students who prefer living in more quiet parts of the cities can settle in the outer suburbs. Compared to other cities in Australia, the accommodations offered in Adelaide are considerably spacious, most especially if you choose places in the outer suburbs area. In terms of transportation, you can easily go around the city by either availing of the whole-city bus services, or catching a train or tram ride.

Getting Help with Your House

It’s very normal to encounter issues with your homes. In most cases, you need to make your own arrangements to have your problems resolved. Among the most common issues of households are broken heating systems, damaged appliances, busted pipes and faulty house wirings. Fortunately, it is easy to get someone to work on your house problems in Adelaide. For damaged heating systems, there are several local companies that you can easily book services with. For issues regarding electricity, you can call in Adelaide’s long list of electricians and they’ll inspect the problems you have with your wiring. For damaged gas pipes, water pipes or drainage systems, check out emergency plumber Adelaide at

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