Can You Study to Become a Comedian?

You have to be born funny to become a comedian. It takes a lot to be one. You need to be extremely confident to deliver funny lines in front of many people. You should also have the courage to touch some of the most controversial topics, without crossing the line. You must be ready to face backlash just in case your jokes are deemed bad or stale. Most of all, you must have the ability to change course on stage if no one laughs at your joke.

Although it is true that you must be born funny to be a comedian, we have seen a lot of them who used to be shy individuals in school. They were even bullied as they are unable to speak up and fight back. Nevertheless, when they became older, they have become successful comedians. How is this possible? Can one study to be a comedian?

Types of comedy

There are different types of comedians around the world. The most popular is a stand-up comedian. It is where only one performer takes the stage and does a monologue. It is extremely difficult. You have to be very funny to be one.

If you are afraid to take things on your own, be a part of a troupe. These comedians perform as a group. Usually, it involves a skit and they have to work together, portraying their unique comedic skills, to make things work.

Improv can be done alone or in groups. These are unprepared jokes where comedians come up with anything that enters their mind on the go. There is no rehearsal. They just say whatever it is on their minds. Usually, this is the most effective form of comedy considering how natural things appear. It can also fall flat and become totally boring.

Prop shows make use of props and accessories to provide laughter. They are usually prepared skits. The good thing about it is that comedians have the time to evaluate the show before it is displayed in public and edit things out if they are not funny.

Where to study? 

There are schools in Europe and US that offer classes that will teach you to be a comedian. However, they are usually integrated in acting degrees. Comedy courses are taught as part of the entire degree. There are some short courses though about comedy.

Most comedians out there didn’t learn comedy through formal schooling. Some of them have learned by watching comedians in the past. Others watched live comedy shows. They have gradually created their brand and eventually braved the stage and become comedians themselves.

If you are really interested to be one, perhaps you can check out a Daniel Tosh stand up. He has been doing stand-up comedies for years. He also has a TV Show where he makes fun of almost anything. He has already created a strong brand of aggressive and no-holds barred comedy over the years. Watching his show will surely inspire you to enter comedy. He is a tough act to follow though as he has mastered the art of making people laugh, across races and ages.


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