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How Cleanliness Affects Our Working Habits

There is a very long list of professions that people can choose from these days. Just like companies, job applicants are also looking for some qualities a workplace should have. The ambience and surroundings of a workplace plays a very important part in a worker’s everyday life. A tidy and clean working environment attracts good […]

How To Save While Studying In Europe

Studying abroad like in a European university for example can be very exciting. However, it also comes with a great price. Fortunately, if you just know what tips to follow, you can save money as a student abroad without having to sacrifice fun activities like bar hopping and sightseeing. Some of these tips are enumerated […]

How Writers Deal with Stress

Most people have this common misconception that hardworking people are boring that they don’t care about having fun at all. It seems like work and home are the only places they are familiar with. They sound weird for most people because of their typical look, which includes a pair of thick glasses. Writers are just […]

4 Reasons Why You Need a Dog When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a difficult situation to be in. Even if it is a perfect opportunity for you to have advanced education, you can’t remove the fact that you will be away from your family. When you are staying alone in your apartment while being pressured to perform well in your studies, it could be […]

Writers and Music Reviews

Music has always been a big part of our daily lives. It makes us hype every morning and it helps us express unspoken feelings. As a writer, music is of great help in gathering ideas. Some popular writers cannot work unless there is a music playing on their background. What makes music very special is […]

Remnants of the Past: Must Visit Historical Places

As highly cognizable, Europe is among the 7 continents of the world. Composed of Eurasia’s westernmost peninsula, primarily, this continent is branched from Asia. In the north, Europe is rimmed by the Arctic Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean in the north. Based on its surface area, Europe has the second smallest continent. There are approximately […]

When Considering to Study in Eastern Europe

The fall of Berlin Wall symbolizes the unification of Europe. But, even if the physical barrier has been torn down, there still exists a great difference between Eastern and Western Europe. Those who wish to pursue education abroad will find that Eastern Europe is a richer learning environment to study language, history, politics, or economics. […]