Keeping the Earth Alive: Keeping the Water Clean

Water is the most basic need of all living things on Earth, humans are composed of 70% water thus there is a need to replenish the human body every now and then. They say that you can survive 5 days without food but cannot survive without water for that same amount of time. That is why there is a need to include in legislation the need for clean and potable water. Everyone on Earth has a right to access clean water without discrimination. While in most countries citizens would scoff at having to put up laws on this, there are poor countries who cannot afford to provide potable water to their citizens.

According to reports, access to water is one of the most violated rights of human beings. This means that there is a large part of our population that does not have a source of water within a one-kilometre radius. Most of the preventable diseases that cause both children and adults to die are water-borne diseases that could have been avoided if the family have a clean water to drink. Having a dwindling supply of water would mean that the wealthy will have most of the access of these waters and in turn sell them for a profit. Buying water would alienate a huge part of population since there is no way to purchase clean water for lack of resources.

The United Nations decided to act and put up an International Law to be adapted by the countries on clean water. One example is the Clean Water Act of the United States of America which strives to promote the protection of streams, and wetlands, the primary source of drinking water for the country. They have developed numbers of policies and guidelines for companies, homes, and waste management industries to follow in order to keep these bodies of water clean. There are regions, however, that still need water companies like atlanta water company and the likes for their clean water supply. This is still an ongoing battle between private companies and home owners with the government and other sympathetic organizations to keep their water clean and provide a potable water for all.

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