Why Outdoor Toilets are Becoming a Fad

Outdoor toilet is not a famous concept around states or countries that have problems with space or privacy. But if you have a wide backyard, a little budget, then you will find that outdoor toilets can be useful to you. It saves a lot of money in terms of materials needed as opposed to toilets inside the homes, and it can be part of your effort to save water and save the planet.

With outdoor toilets, you will not use water to flush your liquid excrements; this will be built in a way using a simple bucket, sawdust and the likes. You do not have to use water; you can sprinkle the bucket with cheap sawdust. Water is a valuable commodity nowadays, so why not use scrap sawdust that others just throw away.

Secure your location and make sure you have a sizable yard. Allocate just a little over 5 square feet for your toilet. Make a shed-like room for your toilet with scrap or cheap timbers, do not forget to drill or create a hole. Use a 5-gallon bucket, it is like using a cat sand box, fill it with sawdust or sand then slide it under the shed directly under the hole. Prepare another 5-gallon bucket with a scoop and fill it with sawdust to sprinkle over after use. Now, this might not be a good idea for some but it actually works, just like how sand box for cats work. The sawdust prevent the smell from coming out and it can be replaced anytime you want.

But if you are the queasy type and do not want this kind of toilet, you can always install water-sealed toilets. The dynamics is just like the toilets inside the home. Another pro for this is that if you have a picnic outside you do not have to be hurrying back to your home if you need to use it. Just make sure to consult the web or nearest hardware for your needs like the suitable septic tank, septic tank price, and other materials so that you will know if you are doing or using the right things.

Vienna—the City if Music, Study Abroad

You might be like many others who find listening to music very relaxing. You know that turning the tunes on helps calm your nerves, makes stress disappear, pumps up your energy level up to times ten during an exercise, and brings back precious memories of your past. Then one day while listening delightfully to Justin Moore’s newest CD Off the Beaten Path’s single “Point At You,” a sudden thought came in, as if it’s pointing in a direction of pursuing to further study music. Why not study Music?

viennaWhether you want to study classical, jazz, country or pop you would never go wrong studying music in the land of many legendary musical composers. From Mozart and Haydn, Beethoven to Brahms, Schoenberg and Mahler —Vienna still sustains an inconceivable richness of musical culture up until this age. The famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Staatsoper and the Musikverein are just a few examples of the many leading institutes that help make Vienna a genuine “city of music”—and for people to make it the perfect place for engaging a study of Music History and Performance.

Just imagine Vienna will be your classroom, and the fascination it will give you for visiting some of the city’s famous concert halls. You will attend some rehearsals of a major ensemble you idolize, or visiting the houses of famous icons of musical history such as Beethoven and Mozart. You are welcome to study abroad! Wherever possible, the courses you’ll take seize advantage of the city’s artistic, cultural and historical sites and consists hands-on practical components.

As an organization in union with the Vienna European Society & Culture Program, the IES or (Institute for the International Education of Students) Abroad Vienna Music Program is perfect for students who take either minor or major in Music, they offers you opportunities to involve yourself in a wide selection of courses focusing on European Culture and Society, and Music.

Select your courses from English/German-taught choices in the following subjects:

  • German Language
  • Electives (includes all courses offered through European Society & Culture Program)
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Performance Studies

If you are interested about IES Abroad visit here: http://www.iesabroad.org/

Pursuing a Fashion Career by Enrolling in Paris Schools

fashion2Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world. It is in this place where great fashion designers originate. Owning a bag, pair of shoes and dresses that come from Paris is a great pride in itself. For this reason, many people aspiring for a fashion career are going all the way to Paris to attend schools in fashion design.

Cost of education

The common thought that crosses the mind when one learns that someone is studying in Paris is that that person must be wealthy to be able to afford education in Europe. This is generally true since going abroad to study entails a lot of expenses that include tuition fees, board and other school and living expenses. It does not mean however that if you do not have enough resources, you cannot fulfill your dream. If you can find a friend or relative who resides in this place and is willing to take you in, it will be of great help. You can also seek scholarships and grants to finance your schooling.


If you have real talent in fashion design, availing of scholarships and financial support is easier. Try to establish connections with top fashion designers. Write them and request for assistance. These people are already successful in their fields and for all you know, they also have a story of their own regarding their struggles when they first embarked in their career. Also, you can take talent tests in various schools and hopefully you will be granted with tuition fee cuts if you pass.


Since Paris is not your hometown, you may find yourself traveling back and forth periodically to visit your family or to attend to things back home. You must realize however that life is not all work. So if you have the chance, try to unwind by watching shows. Avail of Daniel Tosh Tickets 2015 by visiting the website or calling the promoter’s hotline.

Pursuing your dream

Do not be afraid to pursue your dream despite limitations and setbacks. The only way to attain your dream is to keep on trying and reaching for it. It is not bad to dream big. Believe you are a Pierre Cardin in the making. Nothing is impossible.

Social Work: Two Different Worlds

Seeking to improve the quality of life in a community or an individual is a field studied by social workers. It is both an academic and professional endeavour that utilizes different methods such as research, direct charity-based model, community organizing, education or knowledge provision, and intervention in times of crises. These methods are used especially for those who are vulnerable such as those in need of single mother help, the persons with disabilities, affected by conflict, in poverty, and victims of social injustices brought about by the gap between the rich and the poor, corrupt government, and lack of access to basic services. All over the world, the practice of social work varies from the situation of one country to another.

In Denmark where only 4-8% of their total population is living in poverty, they use the welfare system where in they are protected through the provision of health care, free education, and other forms of social protection. The country of Denmark supports social work, even the private organizations sometimes gets their fund from the country funds. They do not only provide basic needs but also give counselling, and case management to complement those previous material efforts given.

But it is a different story for a country like Philippines with most of the people suffering from different levels of poverty. Poverty in first world countries is different from countries like the Philippines. Being middle class in the Philippines means you can barely or cannot afford to buy your own car, being in poverty means that going to college is a very hard decision for you and your parents, being in extreme poverty means you do not have a home, live in the streets, have never been to school, and is neglected by the government. Government spending in the Philippines means paying its debts worth billions, funding the ongoing war in the South, or being spent by officials for their families and themselves. Social work in the Philippines is both an effort done by the government and non-profit organizations. The country has a department which focuses mainly on social work and community development and one of the famous efforts is the CCT or conditional cash transfer which relies on giving the people an amount of money.

Both models presented here are charity models which can do little for the development of an individual. We need a better and more sustainable model through empowerment. It is hard work but it pays off in the long term.

Running is for Everyone

Millions of people around the globe aspire to take up running as a form of exercise but we tend to create myriad of excuses in order to forego this activity. Starting to run is quite difficult for some, it is not as easy as it looks and may cause injuries and other kinds of pain. In order to be a successful runner, there are different tips on how to run, maintain balance and maximize your energy.

Do Not Use Toes or Heels in Landing

The common mistake of a first-time runner is to use either the toes or heels in landing not knowing that both these methods could cause injury and premature tiredness. Using your toes might cause shin pain or early fatigue while using your heel wastes energy and causes injury due to the fact that you are unknowingly braking. Landing on the middle part of your foot is the correct way then roll towards your toes.

Doing the Pose

Notice that runners have a certain pose during running where their hands are almost 90 degrees in angle and are almost brushing their hips. This is to relieve yourself of unnecessary tension on your arms and shoulders and that your arms will not easily get tired during the run.

Go Straight

Make sure that the direction your feet are pointing to is the direction where you are going to avoid injuries. It is not advisable to point your feet at an angle other than the straight one.

Go Straight – Part Two

Check your body’s posture all the time; avoid leaning forward or backward during the run because this leads to back pain. Poke your chest out, maintain shoulders below the ear, and keep your head up.

Do not be the Ball

Avoid bouncing all over the place like a ball because it wastes energy. Just take light steps as if treading on a fragile glass to feel less pressure on the legs.

Do Not Give Up

Do not give up especially if you have not started yet. If you think you cannot run because of being flat-footed. You can always look for shoes for flat feet and take it slow until you are confident to run greater miles. Always be confident of yourself and do not let anything stop you from running and moving forward.

What Makes Dual Diagnosis Different

Before the 1990s started, treatment for addictions and mental disorders were different. That means that if one patient is both an addict and is experiencing symptoms of any mental disorder; both illnesses cannot be treated at the same time. Therefore, the patient has to wait for them to be completely sober before they were treated for their recurring mental illness. But sometimes the driving force of addiction is mental illness that is why people with overlapping symptoms cannot be treated. And this where dual diagnosis came into picture.

How to be Treated With Dual Diagnosis Treatment

For a patient to be qualified for this kind of treatment, there are criteria to be followed. These criteria are seen in the current version of DSM or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Any qualified psychiatrist, therapist or counsellor can provide dual diagnosis if a person has a mental disorder and addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling. Being diagnosed helps a person come into terms of what they truly are; questions that have been haunting them for so long are answered.

What Makes Dual Diagnosis Successful?

Dual Diagnosis is a combination of both treatments for mental disorders and addiction. This means that the successful and best treatments from both fields are merged into one to treat their patients. There is no hard line between the two, making it easier for therapists to overlap their treatment and way of healing.

When you wait for a patient to be sober before you treat them for depression, this can lead to relapse. Dual diagnosis treats both of these illnesses at the same time. There is a chance that the patient’s driving force to drinking is their depression, so when a therapist would “cure” their addiction, there is a 90% chance that depression will push them once again to drink. That is why a dual diagnosis and therapy is needed in order to cure both illnesses at the same time reinforcing the cure for each other.

Not only does it include 2 or more diagnosis but it also includes the family, friends, immediate colleagues and other close people to the therapy sessions in dual diagnosis treatment centers. This means that the treatment is inclusive this targeting all the areas of a patient’s life.

Preparing to Studying Abroad

studyOne of the greatest ways into learning new things is to step out of your comfort zone and explore new places. And what better way to accomplish this by studying overseas. Studying in a whole different country and environment is something new and exciting. You will be able to meet new people and learn and absorb a whole different culture. In the process, you enrich yourself and broaden your horizons in the long run. However, moving to a new place to study can also be nerve wracking. To be able to adjust and lessen the nervousness about the impending move abroad, one must prepare themselves to be able to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Ways to Prepare for Studying Abroad

Choose the right program for you. There are countless study programs available to choose from which can sometimes make the decision making process very stressful. It would be ideal to take a step back during this process and look to your skills and interests. At the end of the day, choose a study program, which will be helpful into the future career you plan to have after you have completed your studies.

Learn about the place you are going to study in. One way to prepare yourself to have a smooth transition in studying abroad is to begin learning about the country you are about to move to. If the country you are transferring to speaks a different language, brush up on your language skills by getting the hang of conversational sentences. It would also be ideal to take a class on the country’s culture.

Another way of immersing and blending oneself in another country particularly United States is by understanding and being part of their music industry. You can start by watching shows. Book Florida Georgia Line Tour 2015 for a total experience in American music world. Experience the real beat of their music by merging with the audience while Florida Georgia is performing on stage. You might want to follow up on all their shows so you can continue to appreciate their music by getting hold of their CDs and anticipating their next performances. On the side, as you stay longer in the country, you will learn and discover more artists and performers.

Jobs That International Students In Europe Can Try

Studying abroad can cost a fortune. This is so much more if you have plans on studying in an elite continent like Europe. The price of college there is just so high that won’t be able to bear it without a job while you are studying. Luckily, governments of European countries allow international students to work for a few hours each week while they are studying there. Here are few of the jobs you can do while you are in college:

  1. Be a mower. There are so many mowing service companies that are hiring students, even those not from their own country, to work part-time. Don’t worry as this is not a physically demanding job. It is because of the mowing service companies already make use of gravely zero turn mowers which you just have to drive. You will never really feel like you are working at all.
  2. Tutor another student. He or she does not have to be in the same level as you do. The student you can potentially tutor may still be in elementary or high school. Tutor them with your favorite subjects back then so that you will enjoy the job. You cannot expect to tutor math easily to a high school student if you yourself flunked the subject back then.
  3. If you know how to drive, enter into transportation services. Remember that before you can get hired it is essential that you get your driver’s license in the country you are studying in. You cannot just use your national driver’s license to drive a car internationally. You can end up behind bars by doing that.
  4. Sell resumes. Odd as this may sound but you can make a living by creating and selling resumes online. A lot of new graduates are just too overwhelmed with the feeling of finally getting out of school that they don’t have time to create their own resumes.

Offer pet services. If you love cats and dogs, then this is the most perfect part-time job for you. It is so much fun and very stress relieving. It can be a form of leisure away from the homework yet you get to earn while doing it.

How Cleanliness Affects Our Working Habits

There is a very long list of professions that people can choose from these days. Just like companies, job applicants are also looking for some qualities a workplace should have. The ambience and surroundings of a workplace plays a very important part in a worker’s everyday life. A tidy and clean working environment attracts good vibes that are actually needed by the workers. Imagine working in a place where mosquitoes, cockroaches, and mice are all around. How possible it is to remain focused and concentrated in such place?

Commercial buildings are not just there to provide space for offices and other business related concerns. They also give a good impression for the company and its employees. It is everyone’s job to keep their environment clean by placing their junk in its right places and refrain from littering possibilities. Of course, since they are professionals who actually have a set of duties to perform in a day, we cannot expect everyone to maintain cleanliness. This is the part where trash container rental takes place. Together with the trash container rental, dumpster services should also be availed. Trash containers will not empty themselves once they are full that is why there is a need for a particular person to take it out. Trash bins and containers are usually installed in every corner of the building so that people can easily find them.

While trash bins are just small versions of garbage storage, we also have a large version which we call dumpsters. This is typically a huge box where all trash that has been collected from the numbers of trash bins inside the commercial building is being segregated. Depending in the amount of trash a building can accumulate in a certain amount of time, dumpster sizes are available. Dumpster service companies have a small selection of dumpster sizes such as 5 yard, 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, and more. The right dumpster size is determined based on the building management and dumpster service company’s agreement on how many times the garbage should be collected in a month.

A clean and tidy workplace is all we need to ensure good working habits. After all, as professionals, we contribute a lot to our economy today.