Preparing Yourself for an Overseas Internship Program

The internship program is an integral part of every student who wants to get a degree. In most universities, students who have not completed this program won’t be able to get a certificate of completion. Internships can take place in many forms. There are office-based internships where students work in an actual office and feel like they are a part of the industry already. They may be paid or unpaid for their job. Another type of internship is university-based. Through this, the students are expected to conduct a research with a partner university, local or overseas, within a given period of time.

If you are planning to conduct a university-based internship, then make the most out of it by going overseas. There are a lot of universities especially in Europe that accept foreign students to conduct the internship there. The student will be under the supervision of a top European professor whose field of specialization is the same with that of the student.

4941ec932021c1628a9c475027475b9ca6a97a7eApplying for the program

If you are really interested to give it a try, the first step is to apply for the program. You can course it through your current university as they might have partner universities for you to choose from. You can also contact a university of your choice directly. However, you need to prove your worth by having a good grade to show and other credentials.

Preparing for the trip

Once you have been accepted, the next step is to prepare yourself. It is advised that you don’t bring a lot of stuff so you can take back important items home such as souvenirs and books. A military duffle bag is also highly recommended to be used. This will ensure that you don’t waste your efforts carrying different huge bags. This type of bag is more than enough to contain all the items you need for the program. The most important thing is that you are physically and mentally prepared for the challenge. The bag is just a bonus since it can organize everything that you need to survive a few months of stay in another country. Good luck!

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