Running is for Everyone

Millions of people around the globe aspire to take up running as a form of exercise but we tend to create myriad of excuses in order to forego this activity. Starting to run is quite difficult for some, it is not as easy as it looks and may cause injuries and other kinds of pain. In order to be a successful runner, there are different tips on how to run, maintain balance and maximize your energy.

Do Not Use Toes or Heels in Landing

The common mistake of a first-time runner is to use either the toes or heels in landing not knowing that both these methods could cause injury and premature tiredness. Using your toes might cause shin pain or early fatigue while using your heel wastes energy and causes injury due to the fact that you are unknowingly braking. Landing on the middle part of your foot is the correct way then roll towards your toes.

Doing the Pose

Notice that runners have a certain pose during running where their hands are almost 90 degrees in angle and are almost brushing their hips. This is to relieve yourself of unnecessary tension on your arms and shoulders and that your arms will not easily get tired during the run.

Go Straight

Make sure that the direction your feet are pointing to is the direction where you are going to avoid injuries. It is not advisable to point your feet at an angle other than the straight one.

Go Straight – Part Two

Check your body’s posture all the time; avoid leaning forward or backward during the run because this leads to back pain. Poke your chest out, maintain shoulders below the ear, and keep your head up.

Do not be the Ball

Avoid bouncing all over the place like a ball because it wastes energy. Just take light steps as if treading on a fragile glass to feel less pressure on the legs.

Do Not Give Up

Do not give up especially if you have not started yet. If you think you cannot run because of being flat-footed. You can always look for shoes for flat feet and take it slow until you are confident to run greater miles. Always be confident of yourself and do not let anything stop you from running and moving forward.

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