Top 5 Study Destinations in Europe Worth Considering

During the last decades, businesses have started to make globalization a part of their strategy. Computers today are not manufactured in one plant instead each component of a computer is manufactured in plants in different parts of the world. This strategy did not only affect the business sector, but the education sector as well.

Learning foreign languages and studying about intercultural differences have started to be part of the learning trend to be competitive in the working environment.  In the same way, unfinished furniture has started to be a competitive piece of furniture. The best way to gain these skills is to study in a local university with an international environment or study abroad.

Studying in Europe

Most people thinking of studying abroad always look at Harvard University or Stanford in the US. Europe offers as many study opportunities as the US. Europe as a study destination is worth looking into:

  • World Class Education. Many universities in Europe rank amongst the top 100 universities in the world as classified by the Times Higher Education Supplement. Top European universities offer state-of-the-art facilities and numerous research opportunities complemented with decades of tradition of higher education.
  • Value for Money Education. Most universities in Europe, especially those located in continental Europe, receive huge government subsidies. Make a quick search of any known university in Europe and you will be surprised to discover that it is relatively cheap. There is even a possibility that your choice offers free education. It is a common fact that universities in Europe provide more affordable education that those in the US, but with almost the same educational quality.
  • Diverse Culture. Studying in London offers the experience to learn different languages, traditions and cultures. These are beneficial for both your personal and professional development.

European Study Destinations

The whole of Europe offers varied educational opportunities. However, most foreign students concentrate on some parts of Europe.

  1. United Kingdom. The UK is host to almost 10% of students opting for a foreign education. This huge number of foreign students in the UK can be traced to the importance given to English-speaking study destinations because English is the language of globalization.
  2. Not only is Germany the biggest economy in Europe, it is also well known for its first class education especially in the field of engineering.
  3. France hosts 7% of worldwide foreign students. French education is highly competitive. A lot of countries have French as their major or second language. Since French is the main medium of instruction in France, this study destination has proven to be a preferred choice. Some universities, though have educational programs in English.
  4. Russian Federation. 3.5% of foreign students study in Russia to experience its long tradition of high quality education. This, despite the fact that most universities use the Russian language and foreign students need to learn the language.
  5. Foreign students in Spain are lesser than in the UK and US. There are a lot of Spanish speaking countries though, so the language barrier does not pose much of a problem. Besides, a lot of foreign students want to speak Spanish proficiently as it is considered one of the most popular languages in the world after English, Hindi and Chinese.

Of the 100 top universities in the world listed by the Times Higher Education Supplement, universities in Continental Europe and the UK rank second and third respectively.

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