Vienna—the City if Music, Study Abroad

You might be like many others who find listening to music very relaxing. You know that turning the tunes on helps calm your nerves, makes stress disappear, pumps up your energy level up to times ten during an exercise, and brings back precious memories of your past. Then one day while listening delightfully to Justin Moore’s newest CD Off the Beaten Path’s single “Point At You,” a sudden thought came in, as if it’s pointing in a direction of pursuing to further study music. Why not study Music?

viennaWhether you want to study classical, jazz, country or pop you would never go wrong studying music in the land of many legendary musical composers. From Mozart and Haydn, Beethoven to Brahms, Schoenberg and Mahler —Vienna still sustains an inconceivable richness of musical culture up until this age. The famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Staatsoper and the Musikverein are just a few examples of the many leading institutes that help make Vienna a genuine “city of music”—and for people to make it the perfect place for engaging a study of Music History and Performance.

Just imagine Vienna will be your classroom, and the fascination it will give you for visiting some of the city’s famous concert halls. You will attend some rehearsals of a major ensemble you idolize, or visiting the houses of famous icons of musical history such as Beethoven and Mozart. You are welcome to study abroad! Wherever possible, the courses you’ll take seize advantage of the city’s artistic, cultural and historical sites and consists hands-on practical components.

As an organization in union with the Vienna European Society & Culture Program, the IES or (Institute for the International Education of Students) Abroad Vienna Music Program is perfect for students who take either minor or major in Music, they offers you opportunities to involve yourself in a wide selection of courses focusing on European Culture and Society, and Music.

Select your courses from English/German-taught choices in the following subjects:

  • German Language
  • Electives (includes all courses offered through European Society & Culture Program)
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Performance Studies

If you are interested about IES Abroad visit here:

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