Why Outdoor Toilets are Becoming a Fad

Outdoor toilet is not a famous concept around states or countries that have problems with space or privacy. But if you have a wide backyard, a little budget, then you will find that outdoor toilets can be useful to you. It saves a lot of money in terms of materials needed as opposed to toilets inside the homes, and it can be part of your effort to save water and save the planet.

With outdoor toilets, you will not use water to flush your liquid excrements; this will be built in a way using a simple bucket, sawdust and the likes. You do not have to use water; you can sprinkle the bucket with cheap sawdust. Water is a valuable commodity nowadays, so why not use scrap sawdust that others just throw away.

Secure your location and make sure you have a sizable yard. Allocate just a little over 5 square feet for your toilet. Make a shed-like room for your toilet with scrap or cheap timbers, do not forget to drill or create a hole. Use a 5-gallon bucket, it is like using a cat sand box, fill it with sawdust or sand then slide it under the shed directly under the hole. Prepare another 5-gallon bucket with a scoop and fill it with sawdust to sprinkle over after use. Now, this might not be a good idea for some but it actually works, just like how sand box for cats work. The sawdust prevent the smell from coming out and it can be replaced anytime you want.

But if you are the queasy type and do not want this kind of toilet, you can always install water-sealed toilets. The dynamics is just like the toilets inside the home. Another pro for this is that if you have a picnic outside you do not have to be hurrying back to your home if you need to use it. Just make sure to consult the web or nearest hardware for your needs like the suitable septic tank, septic tank price, and other materials so that you will know if you are doing or using the right things.

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